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Data is very important in every aspect of life. In your business, personal life and school, data is very crucial to keeping records and making the right decisions. We all have data on different parts of our gadgets, data that we collect over time which makes losing them a big loss.

At iChoice Computers, we understand how important your data is to you, which is why we are always available to help you with your data recovery in Brisbane. Data recovery and backup is a task that requires the expertise of the best technicians around, and at iChoice Computers, we have top-class technicians to help with all your data recovery needs.

We carry out data recovery services on company hard drives as well as personal hard drives. Our data recovery and backup services covers hard drive recovery, mobile phone data recovery and laptop data recovery. Our services cut across different laptop and mobile phone brands, including HP, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, Huawei etc.

Reliable and Fast Service: Our phone data recovery service in Brisbane is the best you can get around, add this to the exceptional hard drive recovery which we provide, and you have the best data recovery and backup in the whole of Brisbane.

We have technicians who have over twenty years of experience in data recovery and are committed to helping you get back every lost file. We understand how devastating the case of lost data can be, and we always ensure to be patient in our communications, keeping you updated as the repair process progresses.

Typically, the data recovery process takes between a week to four weeks, depending on the problem of the hard drive and its capacity. As soon as you contact us for data recovery, the technician runs a fast scan on the hard drive, in order to detect where the problem lies. Once this is done, the client is contacted with a free quote with the problem, possible solution, cost as well as a timeframe required to get it done.

Once all of these conditions are accepted by the client, we commence the recovery process and deliver on the agreed date.

Affordable: Our services are very affordable, fitting into your budget without affecting you. We provide great services at the best cost and are also upfront about our fees, without any hidden charges. Once you contact us, we present you with a quote containing the cost of the recovery.

Losing important company files or personal documents is unacceptable, contact iChoice Computers today for a wholesome solution.

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Below is a full list of data recovery and backup services which we offer:

  • Hard Disk (HDD) Data Recovery
  • Solid State Drive (SSD) Data Recovery
  • Laptop / Desktop / MacBook / iMac Data Recovery
  • Data Backup / Restore
  • Laboratory Disk Recovery (Clean Medium)
  • Mobile phone Data Recovery
  • External Hard Disk Data Recovery
  • Tablet Data Recovery
  • MacBook LCD Screen Repair
  • MacBook Motherboard Repair
  • Virus/Spyware Removal
  • Battery Replacement
  • Mac Diagnostic Service
  • Mac Water Damage Repair
  • 90 Days Warranty
  • Memory Upgrade/Replacement
  • iMac Hard Drive Repair
  • Mac Logical Board Repair
  • LCD Screen Repair
  • Hard drive Repair
  • Water Damage Repair
  • Laptop LCD Screen Repair

Service Brands

We service every brands of laptop, tablet and mobile phone!