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Protecting your computer from viruses and spyware is very important in these days especially while surfing the internet. Virus and spyware are everywhere and if your computer cops a virus, it might damage your operating system and you might loose all your valuable documents including work data and old memories. The most common virus comes in the shape of an ADD and you will have adds popping all the time whenever you open browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer.

Virus Removal Process:

It is not recommended to install an antivirus after the computer gets infected, because this operation will make it hard to take the virus off. after the computer gets infected, the newly installed anti virus will consider some of the trojan and spyware files as part of the system and will do nothing to remove it.

It is recommended to take it to a professional repair company in order to get rid of the virus without loosing any data. what iChoice Computers technicians will do is the following:

  • Asses the virus and spyware on the computer
  • Deduct the solution on how to remove it
  • Give a Free Quote

Cleaning up virus can be either by removing it from the system using third party software or reinstalling the operating system. It all depends on how serious is the infection and whether the operating system files are damaged.

Virus removal without refreshing Windows

The technician might be able to remove the virus without Windows installation if the virus is not spread in the windows files. The process will take about an hour and an antivirus or internet security will be recommended.

Virus Removal with Re-installing Windows

This case is when the windows is corrupted and the only solution will be to reinstall the windows. If you are asking about your data, don’t worry, we offer data backup before re-installing the system. in other word if you want your data, you will not loose anything.

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