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In recent times, mobile phones have become increasingly important devices, playing a huge role in the everyday lives of users. With the invention of smartphones in the past few decades, literally, everyone has a phone now and it has moved from being a luxury item to become an absolute necessity.

A mobile phone or tablet is a tool of convenience, which performs a lot of functions for users. Your phone and tablets allow you to connect to your loved ones and associates through calls, works as an alarm clock, helps you to set schedules, create and edit documents, as well as stay up-to-date with happenings around the world, and effectively socialise.

All of these functions are non-negotiable, things you need to stay connected in the digitised world. This is why it is important that your mobile phone and tablet is functioning properly at all times.

At iChoice Computers, it is our specialty to ensure that all phone repairs in Brisbane are done perfectly. Be it iPhone repair in Brisbane or other mobile phone repairs in Brisbane, we are up to the task providing quality services that are very affordable.

Our mobile phone and tablets repair services cut across different brands which include, Apple iPhones, Samsung mobile phones and tablets, HTC mobile phones and tablets, Lenovo mobile phones and tablets, Huawei mobile phones and tablets, and many more.

For many mobile phone users in Brisbane, sending the phones back to the manufacturers is the option which they take, however with iChoice Computers, you get to avoid the long wait times and high cost which such repairs warrant. Repairs are carried out swiftly and expertly, ensuring that you do not miss your phone at all.

Below is a short list of the repair services which we offer:

  • Battery Replacement
  • Speaker Repair
  • LCD Screen Repair
  • Logical Board Repair
  • Rear Camera Repair
  • Charging Port Repair
  • Front Face Camera Repair
  • Rear Camera Repair
  • Glass Cover Repair
  • Microphone Issues Repair
  • Power Button Repair
  • Home Button Repair
  • GPS & Signal Problem Repair
  • Mute or Silent Button Repair
  • Mental Housing Replacement

We are the best brand when it comes to mobile phone repairs in Brisbane, and this is because we offer three important values which are:

Quick Fix:

Taking long trips down to the manufacturer, waiting a long while, and paying high cost is enough to discourage phone users from getting their phones fixed. At iChoice Computers, we have the solution for these cons, as we provide a quick fix at very affordable prices. Be it iPhone screen repair in Brisbane, iPhone battery replacement in Brisbane, or simple mobile phone repairs, we are up to the task.
We are made up of a team of capable technicians with many years of valuable experience in fixing mobile phones and tablets. Once you contact us, we take a thorough look at your phone, identifying the problem before commencing repairs.

Affordable Price:

As mentioned earlier, the major gap between getting a phone fixed, and using them with defaults is the cost of fixing. At iChoice Computers, we bridge this gap by providing top-class repairs at budget-friendly prices. Once we have determined the type of repairs needed, we quote you a price and give you a favourable timeframe.
You can be sure not to incur any hidden charges, while our “no fix, no pay” policy, enables you to get good value for your money.

Fast Return:

Our repairs are very fast, we stick to deadlines and ensure to deliver on time. We understand how essential your mobile phone is to your daily routine, and we work around the clock to ensure that you do not stay away from it for too long. Our services can be provided both in-store or on-site. Typically, the duration for a repair ranges from a few hours to two days.
We are the best at what we do, and customer satisfaction is paramount in our operations. You deserve a functioning mobile phone, and your mobile phone deserves to be handled by top professionals.

Choose iChoice Computers, and you can rest assured of getting your mobile phone, as good as new.

Visit our office at 76 Wickham Street, Fortitude Valley, QLD 4006.
You can contact us on 07 3162 9559.

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